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Immigration New Zealand 


New Zealand's 2024 Immigration Policy Updates

New Zealand has announced significant changes to its immigration policies in 2024, aiming to attract skilled workers and address labor shortages in key industries. Here are the key updates:

  1. Green List Additions: Starting from March 2024, seventeen new roles will be added to the Green List, a streamlined pathway to residence for migrants in critical sectors. These roles include Aviation Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Technicians, ICT Database and System Administrators, and various trade positions such as Metal Fabricators and Vehicle Painters. This move is designed to fill urgent labor gaps while local talent is being developed (Lane Neave). 

  2. Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa: As of October 9, 2023, New Zealand has introduced a simplified points system for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. This system sets a clear skill threshold for residence and offers multiple ways to demonstrate eligibility, such as through work experience, qualifications, and income levels. The new system is expected to prioritize highly skilled workers and those with higher educational qualifications (Immigration New Zealand).

  3. Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV): Changes to the AEWV include extending the maximum duration from three years to five years. However, if workers on this visa do not secure a pathway to residence within five years, they will need to leave New Zealand for a year before reapplying. This policy aims to ensure that long-term migrants are either on a path to permanent residence or their roles are temporary (Working In New Zealand).

  4. Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme: The cap for the RSE scheme has increased to 19,500 workers for the 2023/2024 season. This increase is intended to support the horticulture and viticulture industries by providing more labor from participating Pacific countries, while balancing the effects on the local labor market (Immigration New Zealand).

  5. New Compliance Measures: Legislative changes now require a judicial warrant for out-of-hours compliance visits by immigration officials. This change follows recommendations to ensure proportional use of compliance powers and introduce legal checks and balances (Immigration New Zealand).

These updates reflect New Zealand's ongoing efforts to refine its immigration policies to support economic growth, fill critical labor shortages, and ensure fair treatment of migrants. For detailed information and advice on navigating these changes, it’s recommended to consult with immigration experts or visit official immigration websites.

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